MoonRock. One Step Closer to the Moon

MoonRock. One Step Closer to the Moon

Press Release

Rome, March 16th, 2022


2022, time of uncertainty, when the global equilibrium is wavering, we can make a step closer to the Moon.

We are very pleased to announce MoonRock, a community platform that invests, builds, and supports new and existing blockchain projects. The goal is ambitious: it is to make DEFI easier, safer, more accessible, and – most important – inclusive.

Even if the world of cryptocurrencies is no longer a place for nerds only, capitalizing on new and existing projects has high volumes of fraud risk. In addition, most crypto projects are valued solely by their vision, team, or hype, without any additional assets to back their market value.

That’s why MoonRock provides a collection of specialized services based on smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) that form a decentralized financial ecosystem and provide users with access to a variety of financial services such as investments, loans, trading, and many more.

This system easy decrease fraud risks, to facilitate the process of capitalizing on new and existing projects.

Moonrock aims to become a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that relies on the ability to settle financial transactions through smart contracts operating in a decentralized manner and on the ability to associate particular tokens with unique rights. The rights attributed to these tokens will allow the owners to obtain voting power within the organization. That’s why we can claim Transparency, Safety and Easiness, creating an ecosystem with an intuitive user experience.

For more info about this project, please visit:


Come With Us to the Moon!!

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