Ethereum Migration FAQ


Ethereum Migration
Frequently Asked Questions

Why does CoinMarketCap (CMC) show a 99% drop in price and CoinGecko (CG) stop updating their chart on 4/8/22?

We have notified CMC & CG of our migration and applied for a new chart with our new ETH contract. The current charts on CMC & CG reflect our BSC contract, which is why CG paused the chart on 4/8/22 when we completed our migration that morning. CMC hasn’t paused the chart, but the 99% drop in price means the old BSC $ROCKs are worthless.

Where and how do we look up the current price of $ROCK now that it’s on Ethereum?

The most well-known platform to look up current ROCK prices is DEXTools at the moment.
Until ROCK is relisted and gets a new chart with CMC & CG, it is recommended investors
use DEXTools for the latest ROCK prices and transactions (this includes our MoonBoard).

Why did MoonRock decide to migrate from BSC to ETH?

There were many good reasons why MoonRock was drawn to the Binance Smart Chain:
large investor base, undeveloped Defi sector, low gas fees, potential of multi-chain
bridging. When it was clear we had outgrown our targeted BSC investor base, we began
talks of bridging to the Ethereum network for their more developed Defi sector and
sophisticated investors.
Through multiple thorough discussions with our world-class lead tech developer
(Krakovia) and other blockchain experts, we found that current technologies are not
conducive for a secure multi-chain bridge. After further discussions, we decided a
complete migration to Ethereum is needed for MoonRock to continue to grow.

What will happen to my BSC ROCKs and what should I do with them?

Because the BSC ROCKs are on a blockchain, they will remain there indefinitely. With that
said, they are worthless and carry no intrinsic value whatsoever. It is recommended to
remove the BSC ROCK contract from your wallet, but you may leave it there if you so wish.

Are gas fees on the Ethereum network more expensive than Binance Smart Chain?

Yes, the Ethereum network carries a higher cost when it comes to gas fees. The amount of
gas for each transaction varies based on volume and other variable metrics. Overall,
expect gas fees to be several times higher than that of the Binance Smart Chain.

How will the migration affect current MoonSpartan NFT holders?

The MoonSpartan NFTs are ERC-721 token standard. This means they are not affected by
the migration at all and will continue to function as usual.

Where and how do we buy ROCK now that it’s no longer available on PancakeSwap?

$ROCK is now available on UniSwap. The steps are almost identical to PancakeSwap.
Please follow the steps listed in this graphic and set the slippage to 12% for a successful transaction.


Why are we not able to see the dollar amount of our ETH ROCKs in our Trust or Metamask wallets?

Crypto wallets display the prices of cryptocurrencies by linking themselves to aggregators
like CMC & CG. Trust wallet is linked to CMC and the Metamask wallet is linked to CG. The moment the new ETH ROCK charts are listed on CMC & CG, holders will be able to view the dollar value of their ETH ROCKs.

Why is my BSC ROCK token amount different from the ETH ROCK amount in my wallet?

Once we took the snapshot of all BSC ROCK holders’ positions to initiate the migration, we raised the transaction tax to a PancakeSwap max of 25% from our current 10% to decrease the chances of new transactions going through. We then started pulling liquidity from the current liquidity pool and added new liquidity to UniSwap.
The taxes accumulated during this withdrawal of liquidity and from unbeknownst BSC ROCK buyers/sellers were redistributed back to all BSC ROCK holders (the BSC ROCK contract continues to work). During the migration, more than 10 million BSC ROCK tokens were redistributed as reflections. These BSC ROCKs will continue to be distributed as long as unknowing buyers/sellers continue to transact in the future. This is why the airdropped ETH ROCK amount is different from what the BSC ROCK amount showed during the